Mixology Cart

We have been advised by professional designers from diverse fields, such as restaurateurs, bartenders, ham slicers, in order to meet their needs with our products:

DESIGN: Not only our carts are the perfect working tool, but they are also appealing and stylish so tehy can turn into a decorative element in any working area of your stablishment.

QUALITY: We achieve excellent final results, considering they are made with top of the line/the finest materials and are subjected to strict quality control. FUNCTIONALITY: We rely on hospitality service experts who advise us when it comes to design our products. Our drinks and food trolleys must be elegant and functional.

OPTIMIZATION OF THE SPACE: Our products have been specially designed to provide top performance, even in a limited space. For this reason, we offer different options and dimensions CUSTOMISATION: We have developed our own personalisation system: customers will be able to place their trademarks in a visible spot with an easily attached and removed magnetic vinyls.

PROFITABILITY: One of the main characteristics of our drinks trolleys is the profitability that can give you to your business. They contribute to: • Improve the image of your estabilishment • Differentiate from the competitors • Make any space profitable. • Improve quality of service. • Increase the numbers of services sold (drinksm cocktails, cheese, ham plate etc.). • Boost the average sales per person. It is easier to sell a premium brand drink with our carts. • Negociate with suppliers better conditions because the trolleys can be customized with their brands and logo.

Mixology Cart

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